About us

Welcome to the website of EU-MSC2, a conference series that gathers EU-funded research consortia working on Immune Modulation using Mesenchymal Stromal Cells (EU-MSC2).  

EU-MSC2 Mission:

  • Enhance knowledge-sharing between EU research groups working in the mesenchymal stromal cell therapy domain
  • Engage with European Commission Project Officers and other stakeholders from International Society of Cellular Therapy, stem cell ethicists and Industry.
  • Assemble trans-disciplinary research groups working across the global health spectrum but with a common focus of mesenchymal stromal cell therapy
  • Bring up-and-coming researchers together for networking purposes, and to explore future consortium building and international funding application opportunities

For more information please contact:

Brigitte Wieles         : B.Wieles@lumc.nl

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